Guided shopping for fixtures, furnishings, décor, and more.

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Your room needs an update.

The thought of shopping for home furnishings is overwhelming.

You went a little overboard with a color or look and you really need an edit.

You love shopping for the perfect décor, but not returning those that aren't quite right.


Shopping in stores or online, for and with you, Guided Shopping helps you focus on the things you need and want, all within your budget. With specifics like color, material, dimensions, style, shape, and some comparable costs in mind, we can narrow the search for the furnishings you need and can avoid unhappy returns.

Whether you are a DIY shopper who wants a little coaching, or you prefer a fully guided shopping experience, you'll learn to spot best bargains and those worth-it splurges. You'll know how to judge the pros and cons of the items you'll find, such as care and maintenance, style longevity, durability, and versatility.


You'll also gain confidence in your selections!


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