What Clients Say about Faulkner House Interior Redesign

Debbie L.

“I have gotten lots of compliments on the music room. I love it!
Thanks so much for making it my special room.”

Diane R.

“I can’t wait to invite people over. I never felt comfortable with the way the room worked before. This is so much better. Never would have thought to arrange things this way and I switched things around for years. THANK YOU!!!.”

Rose H.

“Hey, Pam. We got a contract on the house today. Your makeover really,
really worked!

We put the house back on the market on Tuesday and got a contract – the next day. Our realtor was going to have an open house this weekend but now we don’t have to. If you ever need a reference you can give them my name and number and I’ll be glad to tell them how it works. “

C. Elliott

“I feel as if I am one of those makeover shows.! These are my things but WOW; what a difference.”


“We love the look of the room and the rest of the house as well. Thanks again for putting our “new” home together for us. We really like it.”

Donna H

“The office looks great. I got the furniture on Friday and had just finished painting on time. We all love the way it turned out.”

Nancy F.

“Thanks so much for working on Mom’s house. I spoke with her on Mother’s Day and she liked everything you did or suggested!”

Harriet B.

“Thanks for all your work and suggestions! I always wanted to hang that oil painting somewhere but it never worked before.”


“When I saw what you did for my daughter-in-law’s rooms and also the baby shower decorations I decided it was time my rooms received your attention. You did a beautiful, beautiful job for both of us! Thanks so much”


“The pictures are here and I love them. I am getting SO excited…just love the pillows and the colors they have introduced…to think how much has happened since you first walked in our door…amazing”

Jayne Y.

"Just want to thank you. We got so many good ideas from you and have taken your advice on the color and adding the columns and framing. We’re looking forward to more!"


“I have been meaning to contact you for two weeks as the library is painted and it looks fabulous. Do not miss the wallpaper at all. Even my husband comments frequently that he likes it more and more each day. He can’t remember the wallpaper either.”


“I thought, this can’t be my room! Now I know why people cry on those shows because I never thought anything could be done to this room. It is BEAUTIFUL!”


“For the first few days I couldn’t believe that we actually have this bathroom. It is such an amazing makeover. Your suggestions for the tiles, and the difference in lighting, even the way the space is used made such a difference. The kids love their bathroom, too! Thank you!"


“Thank you for coming to the rescue when I had to take over the going away party for my office manager. My neighbor told me that you had helped her for her New Year’s brunch, and I was desperate, but you know that. The good news is that everyone was impressed by how different and fun it was. The bad news is that I am now the office party manager. I will be calling you again!"

B. K.

“It had been several years since you did makeovers for our rooms and we were so happy that you were still available. The master bath is so bright and spacious-that’s the only word that really describes it. The hall bathroom has so much more storage now and looks so fresh and bright. Thank you SO much!"


“Who knew that you could “repurpose”, as you call it, so many things for our room redesign. The old roll top desk fits the space perfectly and makes a great snack bar. Our “Theatre Room” is amazing! Thanks!"